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About Milos island in Greece

Milos, lies in the SW part of the Cyclades islands. It is about 86 nautical miles from Piraeus approximately half way between Piraeus and Crete. It has an area of 151 sq. km. and a shoreline of 125 km, with a population of 5.500 among eight small villages. The island is reached on the ferries which run on the Piraeus- Kythnos- Serifos- Sifnos - Milos - Kimolos line, and there are also sailings to other islands in the Cyclades.

Most people Know Milos as the place where the statue of Venus (now in the Louvre Museum in Paris), was discovered. It is only recently that tourism has noticed the multitude of beautiful beaches - more than 75 - with their glistening silver sand and clear blue waters of this Cycladic island, its rocks and clear waters.

Aegean Volcanic Arc
Milos is on the Eurasian tectonic plate, which for almost 25 million years has been undermined by the African plate descending at a rate of 2.5 cm each year at an angle of 35o. Milos and the nearby islands belong to an important volcanoes alignment called ‘Aegean Volcanic Arc’ formed by the subduction of the African plate under the Aegean area. This arc goes from the golf of Korinthos to the west cost of Turkey.
The main volcanic districts are represented by: Methana-Poros, Milos, Nysiros and Santorini which is the only one with a remarkable volcanic activity over known history.
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Its most characteristic feature is its magnificent gulf, providing a natural harbour, which is possibly the largest in the Mediterranean. This, in combination, with the island’ s vast mineral wealth, has played and is still playing, a major role in the history, economy, culture and development of the island society throughout the last 7,000 years.

Milos, has a lot of things to offer, even in the most demanding visitor. The imposing landscapes, the picturesque settlements, the beautiful beaches taken together with island’s excellent infrastructure, made Milos a very popular destination. Take a tour among Milos villages and of course the main reason that made this island popular among tourists from all over the world the more than 70 famous Milos beaches.
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