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Galini restaurant in Milos, is located in the area of Agia Eirini, just next to Galini Hotel. It offers traditional greek food, excellent service, nice view, cheap prices and more than enough quantity. It is a quiet place and due to the small distance from Agia Eirini beach and Alogomandra beach it has take away food and beverages. You should always ask for the day’s specialty and try at least once the snails of Ms. Anna. Also don’t forget how convenient it is to have just next to your room a high quality restaurant.

This is one of the most tasty food you have ever tried in your life. Ms. Anna has a wonderful recipe for snails with tomato sauce.
Knowledge is transferred from one generation to another. This is one of the sweetest photos where you can see mother and daughter creating unique dishes for you. Please note that some days we offer fresh fish from our local fishermen. If you need to make a reservation, just to be sure, call us at +30.22870.41492 and we will keep a table for you.
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